We sell a range of Franking Machines, Postal Scales, Folders & Inserters, Letter Openers, Colour Photocopiers and Black & White Photocopiers.

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Franking Machines

S1 & S2, S3, S4, S6, S6/CF6, S-460, S-480, S-1000.

S-1000 Franking Machine
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Postal Scales

Post Excel 3, Post Excel 5, Post Excel 10, Post Excel 30.

Post Excel 10 - Postal Scale
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Folding & Inserting

DPS 35, DPS 63, DPS 75, DPS 85.

DPS 85 - Folder Inserter
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Letter Openers

B300, B400.

B400 - Letter Opener
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Colour Photocopiers

MF201/MF250/MF350, MF450/MF550, MF1600, MF3200.

MF201 / MF250 / MF350 - Colour Photocopier
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B/W Photocopiers

d-Copia 16MF, d-Copia 1600/2000, d-Copia 200MF, d-Copia 2500MF/3000MF, d-Copia 2500/3000, d-Copia 400MF, d-Copia 600, d-Copia 800

d-Copia 400MF - Black and White Photocopier
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